Windows XP Genuine Maker [RS] [HF]

Have a PC that has that above message displayed ? No Worries !! Windows XP Genuine Maker Registry has No Patch or Crack, WORKS 100%. TESTED ON WINDOWS XP SP2 AND SP3. NO CHANCE OF VIRUS OR ANYTHING. Also works on SP 3 and PE Editions. Download and double-click on the reg file. That's all there is to it

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Symantec Endpoint Protection


* No need of an activation key,
crack or anything else like that to use this
product and receive appropriate updates
until support ends!

Symantec Endpoint Protection provides
easy to use, enterprise-level protection
that optimizes performance and system
resources so small businesses can get up
and running quickly. The simple management
capabilities, 20-minute deployment, and
pre-configured settings make it ‘ready-to-go’
so you can focus on running and growing your
business rather than worry about security.

Included and stand-alone usable Symantec
Endpoint Protection Client (~SEPC) is a more
than perfect replacement for Symantec Norton
Antivirus and any other antivirus or antispyware
application you may have used until now!

Key Features:

* Provides best of class integrated technologies
and unmatched protection from the market-leading
endpoint security vendor.
* Comes with pre-configured settings, streamlined
user interface and built-in tools tailored for the
small business environment.
* Superior performance.

Key Benefits:

* Provides more than antivirus and protects to
the same level as the largest global business.
* Simple to install, deploy and manage so you
can get up and running quickly and focus on
running your business.
* Fast install and performance provide minimal
productivity impact and reduces overhead.

New Features:

Symantec Endpoint Protection features best of class endpoint security technology:

* Seamlessly integrates industry leading
protection technologies (antivirus, antispyware,
desktop firewall, Intrusion Prevention in a single
agent for proactive, comprehensive protection
against known and unknown threats.
* Comes with Symantec recommended security
defaults so no additional configurations are needed and minimal training required for easy deployment.
* Installation and deployment takes less than
20 minutes.
* Built in tools such as the Client Installation
Wizard simplifies deployment of client software
and eliminates the need for installation and
deployment training.
* Provides licensing support to keep track of
maintenance and the number of licenses purchased.
* Ability to configure Symantec Protection
Center to send license notification to Partners.

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32 Bit Version

64 Bit Version
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Foxit PDF Creator v1.0.2231

Foxit PDF Editor
The first and still the only REAL editor for PDF files, allows you to easily and
efficiently change contents in any existing PDF files.

Have you ever faced one of the following challenges?

-You are ready to print out a PDF file, and suddenly find some typos.
-You want to fill out a PDF form electronically, but realize it is non-fillable.
-You receive a PDF file from your colleague and want to make some changes
before forwarding it to others.
-You want to consolidate several PDF report files into a single PDF document.

Now, with Foxit PDF Editor, you can easily meet the above challenges. Foxit PDF Editor
is the only real PDF editor. Unlike other so-called "PDF Editor", which only works with
notes or limited page contents, Foxit PDF Editor allows you to modify any page contents
within any PDF document. You can select, insert, change, remove, rotate, copy and paste
texts, images and graphics. You can insert, import, delete pages or design page layout.
After you finish editing, you can print out the result PDF file or save it to overwrite
the original file or create a new file. To find out more details about the actions
Foxit Editor enables you to perform on a PDF file, please click on the following links:

-Open, View and Save PDF Files
-Insert, Remove and Modify PDF Pages
-Select, Modify and Delete Page Objects

Key Benefits:

-Modifies any contents of any PDF file
-Edits document intuitively, in a what-you-see-is-what-you-get way
-Requires no inside knowledge of PDF file format
-Displays PDF file fast and perfectly
-Presents a simple and neat user interface
-Packs in a small downloadable package
-Occupies small hard disk space after installation
-Supports multi-language PDF content
-Is affordable

install and copy license file to install dir


Foxit PDF IFilter
is designed to help users to index a large amount of PDF documents
and then quickly find text within these documents. The PDF documents can be files,
email attachments or database records.

Foxit PDF IFilter is designed to help users to index a large amount of PDF documents
and then quickly find text within these documents. The PDF documents can be files,
email attachments or database records.

Foxit PDF IFilter supports following Microsoft products: Windows Indexing Service,
MSN Desktop Search, Internet Information Server, SharePoint Portal Server,
Windows SharePoint Services (WSS), Site Server, Exchange Server, SQL Server
and all other products based on Microsoft Search technology. Hereafter,
we use term "search engine" to refer to these products.

Foxit PDF IFilter acts as a plug-in for full-text search engines. A search engine
usually works in two steps:

-Step 1, the search engine goes through a designated place, e.g. a file folder or a
database, and indexes all documents or newly modified documents, including PDF
documents, in the background and creates internal data to store indexing result.

-Step 2, a user specifies some keywords he would like to search and the search engine
answers the query immediately by looking up the indexing result and responds to the
user with all the documents that contains the keywords.

During Step 1, the search engine itself doesn't understand format of a PDF document.
Therefore, it looks in windows registry for an appropriate PDF IFilter and finds the
Foxit PDF IFilter. Foxit PDF IFilter understands PDF format. It filters out embedded
formatting and extracts text from the document and return text back to the search engine.
Further information about IFilter specification can be found on the Microsoft Web site.

Key benefits:

-Integrates with existing operating systems and tools within your company
-Provides an easy solution to search within PDF documents located on local computer,
local network and intranet
-Greatly increases your ability to accurately locate information
-Much smaller and faster than IFilter offered by other vendors
-Supports Chinese/Japanese/Korean PDF documents
-Supports native 64-bit code
-Supports multi-threading and takes full use of multiple-CPU in a server

install and copy the license file to your install dir


Foxit PDF Page Organizer Pro
Allows you to split and merge PDF files, re-arrange pages, organize bookmarks,
add annotations and create links.

There are a number of affordable PDF creators on the market that can convert printed
documents to PDF files. However, you'll often need to use very expensive tools like
Adobe Acrobat to do post processing tasks like merging different documents together,
re-arranging pages, composing page outlines, etc. Foxit PDF Page Organizer provides
a reliable alternative to those expensive and complicated tools. It displays an
overview page without any additional software (like Adobe Acrobat Reader), so you can
easily know what you are working on.

Foxit PDF Page Organizer Pro also allows you to create outlines (bookmarks) for your PDF
document, so that your readers can browse the document more efficiently. Also,
Foxit PDF Page Organizer Pro allows you to create annotations for your PDF document.
Annotations can be displayed or printed in some or all the pages of your document.
It's very useful if you want to add something like comments, or copyright marks to
a document.

install and copy license file to your install dir


GDI Module
This module is a redistributable one from Microsoft providing better display quality for graphics. You can still view the PDF file without this module, however in lower graphic quality. Installing this module will not affect any other applications on your system.

To install, copy this folders contents to the Foxit Reader install directory.


Java Script Support
This add-on is used to execute JavaScript in many interactive forms. If you don't install this add-on, although you still can fill in such forms, you wouldn't be able to perform some automated tasks like field value verification and recalculation.

To install, copy this folders contents to the Foxit Reader install directory.


UI Language Pack
The user interface of Foxit Reader now can be switched to over 30 languages dynamically such as French, German, Dutch, Italian, etc. You're able to choose your own language for UI by using " Language" feature in Foxit Reader.

Important:- While installing and applying the Lifetime Patch and Crack, disable the Antivirus to enjoy full version Update!! To see the genuineness of the patch and crack - check with hijackthis software!! 100% clean!!!

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SpyShelter v3.90

An easy to use anti-keylogging software

The SpyShelter monitors vulnerable and weak spots in your computer system to ensure that even the most advanced keyloggers are shut down even before these can launch a single dangerous attack against your computer. SpyShelter is a fast, efficient, and easy-to-use application that can also create black / white lists.

The Internet is now a vital part of our personal and business lives. With increasing use of online systems, cybercrime also has grown exponentially. Information-stealing software are produced regularly and are used by thieves to steal personal and business information.

One of the most effective ways of stealing information is through a program that can easily be made to capture keystrokes. This program captures everything that a user is doing- keystrokes, mouseclicks, files opened and closed, sites visited.

More sophisticated programs can capture everything a user sees on his screen when performing a screen capture: just the mere opening of a file can allow an information thief to steal your data.

These sophisticated and dangerous programs are called Keylogging programs (e.g. keyloggers, key recorder, keytrappers, key capture programs, etc.) and they are developed continuously all over the world. SpyShelter can protect you against attacks that happen even when you do ordinary computer tasks like: typing into your computer, getting screenshots, opening files, and visiting sites.

Here are some key features of "SpyShelter":

Webcam Logger protection:

· SpyShelter defends you against hackers who would like to seize control of your webcam, even when it is switched off!

Key Logger protection (kernel mode also):
· SpyShelter Stop-logger ensures that whatever your type into your computer is protected against dangerous people who steal your data! Whatever you enter into your computer will not leak to malicious parties.

System Defense:

· SpyShelter guards your registry, your physical memory (RAM), and other sensitive computer parts and processes so that malicious code cannot be injected to seize control of your PC.

Internet security:

· SpyShelter AntiNetworkSpy protactive module prevents dangerous trojans from stealing your private information while important SSL internet transactions. It also blocks HTTP/HTTPS trojans on user level as well as POP,SMTP,FTP, loggers.

Clipboard Logger protection:

· SpyShelter shields sensitive data that can be found on you Windows clipboard as a result of copying, cutting, and pasting. This software ensures that these information will not be under malicious monitoring by other people.

Screen Logger protection:
· When you take screen-captures, SpyShelter spots suspicious activity that might reveal sensitive data you enter into your computer such as bank account and credit card information.

Anti Sound logger:

· SpyShelter unique security module that protects your system against VOIP sound trojan loggers. Can be useful when you use instant messangers for voice calls. This module also protect you against voice logger from your webcam or built-in microphone.

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ACDSee Pro is the essential application for importing, organizing, viewing, enhancing, and sharing your digital photos and other media files.

ACDSee Pro imports photos from your camera to your computer, categorizes and rates your files, and manages photo collections of any size—from a few hundred to a few hundred thousand. Choose to view thumbnail previews of any size, or use a detailed list of file properties to sort your files. Can't find a particular photo? No problem—ACDSee Pro includes a variety of powerful searching tools and a Compare Images feature to eliminate duplicates.

View mode quickly generates high-quality displays of your images. You can run slideshows, play embedded audio, and display multiple-page images in any of the more than 50 image and multimedia file formats.

Also, ACDSee Pro includes a wide variety of image processing tools you can use to create, edit, and touch-up your digital images. Use tools such as red eye reduction, crop, sharpen, blur, and photo repair to enhance or correct your images. Image management tools, such as exposure adjustment, convert, resize, rename, and rotate, can be performed on multiple files at the same time.

The user interface is completely customizable, and provides quick access to tools and features. You can customize the screen layout, the order of images, toolbar display, and many other options to suit your preferences. ACDSee Pro contains extensive context-sensitive Help to assist you as you move through the application.

ACDSee Pro is a fast, powerful, and easy-to-use image management system that everyone from beginners to professionals can use and enjoy.

Experience ACDSee Pro 3 - The Best Value In Photography Software

* Quickly browse, organize, and find images on your computer
* Easily import photos from your camera, card reader, scanner and other devices
* View your images ? from JPEG to RAW ? in full size at unrivaled speeds
* Process images with dynamic, non-destructive adjustments and fine-tune at the pixel level
* Easily publish and and store images online
* Browse your collection instantly with ACDSee Pro 3. Unlike other photo applications, you don?t need to spend valuable time importing files that are already on your computer and connected devices. Simply open ACDSee Pro 3 to access your folders and files live, in real time.
* Organize files using custom categories, keywords, ratings, IPTC/EXIF/XMP metadata and more.
* Be productive right away with up front import, renaming and categorizing of your new image files from your camera and other devices.
* Quickly tag your images for further processing.
* Perform sophisticated searches to quickly find any photo, and save them for ongoing use.
* Manage over 100 different file types.
* View all your images ? from JPEG to RAW ? with the fastest viewing technology on the market.
* Organize files as you review them - categorize, rate, and add metadata using the Properties pane.
* Experience the combined power of ACDSee Pro 3's non-destructive image development technology and precise pixel-level editor in one seamless environment.
* Perfect the exposure, color, clarity and geometry of your photos in the Develop sub-mode
* Boost saturation without affecting skin tones with the new Vibrance slider
* Fine-tune select areas, repair pixels, and add creative effects and watermarks in the Edit sub-mode.
* Save time by globally adjusting hundreds of photos at once - including RAW files - with batch tools.
* Copy photos and folders to your free* online account with a simple drag and drop interface.
* Organize images online as easily as you do on your desktop, using a folder tree structure.
* Create password-protected albums to share with clients or public albums to showcase to the world.

New Features Include:

* Ground-breaking image processing workflow
* Convenient FTP uploader
* Free online photo sharing
* SMTP e-mail support
* Enhanced intuitive interface
* Flexible non-destructive processing presets
* Improved noise reduction
* Vibrance image processing tool
* Advanced Color image processing tool.

System Requiriments

* Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7
* TiVo Desktop Software - to publish images to your TiVo
* Microsoft® DirectX 9.0c - for Microsoft DirectX file format support, and to create slide shows and screen savers
* QuickTime 6.0 - for QuickTime file format support
* Windows Media Player 9.0 or later

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WinRar Password Cracker 1.1

How does this work? WinRar doesn't lock you out after you have tried the wrong password a few times. This tries tons of passwords in no time until it figures it out. It has three different approaches you can use. I don't understand them all but the above describes it best.

RAR Password Recovery is a powerful tool to recover lost (forgotten) passwords for a RAR/WinRar archives. The program supports the Brute-Force attack, dictionary-based attack and dramatically fastest "Booost-Up" attack. The program is able to resume the previous interrupted attack.

Here is a brief list of RAR Password Recovery advantages:

1. Recovers passwords for a RAR/WinRAR archives using combination of Brute-Force, Booost-Up or Dictionary attacks.
2. Very high speed of work (more than 3000 passwords per second in Brute-Force mode and up to 22000 passwords per second in Booost-Up mode).
3. Customizability.
3. Advanced heuristic processor.
4. User-friendly interface.
5. Large wordlist dictionary.
6. Ability to work in the background.
7. Autosave feature.

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Speed Video Splitter 4.3.27

Speed Video Splitter is a small video conversion tool. Fast conversion speed and easy user interface are its distinct strongpoints. Speed Video Splitter supports various video formats, such as AVI(Divx,xDiv), MPEG-4, mpeg(vcd,svcd,dvd compatible), wmv, asf, Quick Time, VOB, DAT. It supports Batch File Mode that can split more than one pieces, just needs one click. Speed Video Splitter is a video conversion application that allows you to split video files.

Windows 2000/XP/Vista

Home page:
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Trojan Remover 6.8.1 Build 2593

Trojan Remover aids in the removal of Malware – Trojan Horses, Worms, Adware, Spyware – when standard anti-virus software either fails to detect them or fails to effectively eliminate them. Standard antivirus programs are good at detecting this Malware, but not always so good at effectively removing it.

Trojan Remover is designed specifically to disable/remove Malware without the user having to manually edit system files or the Registry. The program also removes the additional system modifications some Malware carries out which are ignored by standard antivirus and trojan scanners.

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TuneUp Utilities 2010 9.0.4100.18

TuneUp Start page: Intuitive Layout, Easy to Use

* Provides quick and easy access to the most critical optimization functions
* A single yet comprehensive assessment of your PC%u2019s current performance and overall system health

TuneUp Speed Optimizer: Intelligent, Powerful Utility for any User Skill Level

* Easy optimization in just a few clicks
* Identifies unused programs and resource-draining functions
* Recommends tools for optimal PC performance

TuneUp 1-Click Maintenance: Automatic, Fast Optimization

* Enables one-click maintenance of the most important functions of your PC
* Cleans the Windows registry
* Deletes temporary files and folders
* Increases the system performance through integrated defragmentation
* Streamlines your desktop and simplifies folder shortcuts with one click

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ESET Smart Security 4.2.35
A new version of my favourite antivirus “internet security” is out. I have found some valid serials on the net. Enjoy!

ESET Smart Security is a tightly integrated solution designed to protect computers from a range of threats. Built on the award-winning ESET NOD32® Antivirus and its powerful ThreatSense® engine, ESET Smart Security provides antispyware, antispam and customized firewall features. Utilizing ThreatSense — the industry’s most advanced heuristics — the window of vulnerability between virus outbreak and signature update is reduced.The key advantage of this approach is that individual protection modules are able to communicate together seamlessly, to create unparalleled synergy to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of protection. Moreover, the integrated architecture guarantees optimal utilization of system resources, so ESET Smart Security continues ESET’s well know reputation for providing rock solid security in a small footprint that will not slow down an individual’s computer.

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E World Tech ASP.NET Maker v8.0

ASP.NET Maker is a powerful automation tool that can generate a full set of ASP.NET pages quickly from a Microsoft Access, SQL Server, Mysql, Oracle, PostgreSQL or other ODBC Data Source. Using ASP.NET Maker, you can instantly create Web sites that allow users to view, edit, search, add and delete records on the Web. ASP.NET Maker is designed for high flexibility, numerous options enable you to generate ASP.NET applications that best suits your needs. The generated codes are clean, straightforward and easy-to-customize. ASP.NET Maker can save you tons of time and is suitable for both beginners and experienced developers alike.

*Advanced Security
*User registration system
*Export to CSV/HTML/Excel/Word/XML/Email
*File uploading to database or folder
*Custom View
*Customizable template
*Database re-synchronization

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Adobe Photoshop CS5 (Portable)

Adobe Photoshop CS5 software redefines digital imaging with a strong focus on photography; breakthrough

capabilities for superior image selections, image retouching, and realistic painting; and a wide range of

workflow and performance enhancements.
Release name: Adobe Photoshop CS5 x32 x64 Pre-Release Portable-NoGrp

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